Northern Ireland single transfer test to begin in November 2023

The November 2022 transfer tests are the last to be run by the AQE and the PPTC.

The new Common Entrance Assessment will now be run by the The School Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG).

There will be two assessment papers, one will be sat on 11 November 2023 and the other on 25 November 2023.

SEAG has stated that GL Assessment Ltd in England have been awarded a three-year contract to provide the test.

What do we know about the new SEAG tests?

  • They will include a mixture of multiple choice and extended written questions
  • Entrants will 60 minutes to answer the 56 questions
  • Answers will be recorded on a separate answer sheet.
  • Registration opens in early May 2023 and will close in September 2023.
  • Results will be issued in late January/early February 2024.